Baby Patients – A Case Study

It’s officially called Traumatic Birth Syndrome or TBS.

In what is sometimes called, “doctor assisted deliveries,” subluxations occur when the doctor pulls on the baby using his or her hands, or uses suction.

The most common result is spinal misalignment (subluxation), although serious spinal and skull damage can also occur.

Babies who have experienced this kind of delivery need to be examined and adjusted by a Doctor of Chiropractic. These little ones often go undiagnosed and suffer colic, compromised immune systems, and sleep disorders.

Some studies report that chiropractic care can help in more severe cases as well, including cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, ear infections, and may prevent SIDS.

A Case Study:

Doctor Gutmann, a Pediatric Specilist, from Germany studied 1000 infants. His study concluded that blocked nerve impulses (caused by subluxations) at the level of the first vertebrae can cause central motor impairment, drug resistant conjunctivitis, colds, and reoccurring infections.

One of Dr. Gutmann’s published case studies described an 18-month-old boy who suffered from relapsing tonsillitis, loss of appetite from enteritis, drug therapy resistive conjunctivitis, and increasing sleeping problems. After the first specific adjustment, the boy slept through the night, the conjunctivitis cleared up, and his appetite returned to normal.

“If the indications are correctly observed,” Dr. Gutmann said, “Chiropractic can often bring about amazingly successful results, because the therapy is a causal one. The success of this treatment eclipses every other attempt at treatment, including especially the use of medications.”

At Byron Family Chiropractic Clinic, we enjoy the little ones whose parents bring them in to see us. The earlier a person is treated with chiropractic care, the better.

Not sure if your baby needs adjusting? Call our office at 507-775-2711  and set up a free consultation.


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