You’re tired. All the time. And, you ache. You haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet, but you know something is off in your body.

Sometimes fatigue is caused by a malfunction in your nervous system. This happens when your spine is subluxated, and communication between the brain and body is interrupted. In a study, respected rheumatologist, Dr. Frederick Wolf, reported a 45.9% improvement in the health of patients who included chiropractic care, and lifestyle changes over patients who used medication alone. Other studies on chiropractic care (still in their preliminary stages) report less reduced pain, better sleep, and less fatigue in female patients with fibromyalgia.

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Dean Ferber, Doctor of Chiropractic

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Dr. Fredrick Wolf first stated his belief that chiropractic care helped his patients in the 1980s, again in the 90s, and according to many studies being used currently, still agrees with this finding in 2012.
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