Patient Testimonials

From Nicole T.

Our experience at Byron Family Chiropractic has been great.  Dr. Ferber has done more than adjustments for me and my family. 

He’s helped my son with hydrocephalus/headaches/dizziness … he has had no problems with any of these since seeing Dr. Ferber, which is a HUGE plus for us!  My son has a great relationship with Dr. Ferber.  They always have a great conversation at every visit.  He has also helped my son overcome his fears of going to the chiropractor.  He asks me every day when we are going to see Dr. Ferber because he needs an adjustment.  If I could afford it, we’d see Dr. Ferber every day!  He has also helped me with my back problems.  After every visit, I feel so relaxed and tense-free.  I, too, cannot wait for my next visit!

His interpersonal skills are beyond amazing.  He is fabulous with kids of all ages.  His knowledge is extraordinaire.  He goes the extra mile for his patients.  I believe Dr. Ferber is the best of the best!

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