Sweet News for Your Allergies

You  may have heard it on the news: 2012 is going to be a rough year for allergy suffers.

The good news: Local raw honey.  Although traditional medicine debunks the idea, more and more people are finding relief by taking 1 tsp of raw honey per day.  As we ingest the same allergens that cause us to sneeze and our eyes to water, antibodies are released into the body to fight the invaders. This is similar to the medical science of immunotherapy and vaccines.

At Byron Family Chiropractic, we believe in the healing properties of honey for allergies. Many of our patients have experienced relief and are no longer using dangerous over the counter or prescription medications.

Using raw honey doesn’t always bring relief immediately. For some people, it takes time for the anti-bodies to build up and do their work.

In New Zealand scientists studying the healing properties of honey are doing a new molecular study that is proving that raw honey is extremely valuable to the immune system and to the healing of wounds. There’s a lot of talk out there about developing synthetic drugs based on the natural properties found in honey.

Why use synthetic? The body is fully capable of utilizing the healing benefit of natural products that contain no harmful additives.

For residents living in or near Byron and Rochester, we carry Carlin’s Colonies Raw Honey (from Lanesboro, MN) (24 ounces for $7.50)

Before using any products for your allergies, call 507-775-2711 to make an appointment to decide if a combination of raw honey and chiropractic treatments would bring you greater relief.


Dean Ferber, Doctor of Chiropractic

Byron Family Chiropractic Clinic, 501 NW Frontage Rd, Byron, MN


Located 5 miles from Rochester, MN!


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