Help Preserve a Life

Every day I treat patients who have experienced the powerful connection between chiropractic medicine, and their own body’s ability to respond to it. Their result is improved health and in some cases, healing.

Every day you live with, work with, or interact with people in pain. Maybe it’s migraine headaches, a sports injury, or they’re among the sleep deprived because their baby or child is in pain.

Here are some ways you can help someone you know who is suffering:

  • tell them your chiropractic story
  • invite them to Byron Family Chiropractic’s Half-Hour to Health (call the office at 507-775-2711 to find out when our next event is) and come with them – having you, there will make them more comfortable.
  • let them know they can schedule a free consultation to see how chiropractic care can help them
  • share your story with us so we can post it here on the blog by emailing your story to me at

When you tell others about your positive chiropractic experience, you offer them the opportunity to feel better and accomplish more in their lives.

You never know whose life you might be preserving.


Dean Ferber, Doctor of Chiropractic

Byron Family Chiropractic, 501 NW Frontage Rd, Byron MN

5 miles from Rochester!

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