The Gonstead Method History

In the early nineteen twenties, a  young man named Clarence Gonstead was diagnosed with acute rheumatoid arthritis and was unable to walk. After being treated unsuccessfully by traditional doctors, his aunt called J. B. Olson, a chiropractor. The doctor treated Clarence with a series of adjustments and rest. Soon, the young man was walking.

Clarence went to trade school, and following his gradutation, took a job as an automotive engineer so he could pay his way through The Palmer School of Chiropractic.

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At that time the technical skills of the typical graduating chiropractor were crude and rudimentary. Gonstead changed that and gave the profession a logical and bio-mechanically sound system for practicing chiropractic. With a gift of solving mechanical problems, he developed his own ideas on subluxations, x-ray, and adjusting bones through the empirical data he gathered from his large practice. Although perhaps not his intent, Gonstead redefined the very nature of chiropractic.

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Based on his personal and professional experience, Dr. Gonstead led the way for Doctors of Chiropractic like me to help people like you.


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