How I Use the Gonstead System

As a Gonstead Chiropractor I use a spinal assessment using five criteria to detect the presence of the vertebral subluxation complex.

Visualization – I am trained to see changes in your posture and movement that indicate potential problems with your spine and over-all health.

Instrumentation – I use the Nervoscope to detect disturbances in the heat along the spine that can indicated inflammation or pressure on my patient’s nerves. I guide the Nervoscope down the length of your back. It feels like two fingers gently gliding down your spine.

Static Palpation – I palpitate the spine in a static position. I am looking for swelling, tenderness or tightness, in the muscles and tissues of my patient’s back.

Motion Palpation – I ask the patient to move and bend while I continue to palpitate the spine. This enables me to determine how each segment of your spine moves.

X-Ray Analysis – These films allow me to see the entire structure of a patient’s spine. I can evaluate his or her posture, joint and disc integrity, and vertebral misalignments. I can also recognize or rule out any other factors that might contribute to the patient’s condition.

This system allows me to give you a complete assessment and a treatment plan based on what your body needs.


Dean Ferber, DC

501 NW Frontage Rd, Byron MN

5 Miles from Rochester


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