Increased Learning

Is your child struggling in school? Maybe you’re hearing from teachers that he or she is not working up to his or her potential. What are your options? You can partner with the teachers, your medical doctor, and your chiropractor to give your child the opportunity of increased learning.

More studies (from 2010 to 2012) are showing school children from kindergarten through college improve when receiving chiropractic care.

While more research is needed, consider the following facts:

Case studies are revealing a growing number of young students suffer from bad to severe headaches that can usually be tracked back to a neck or spinal injury while playing. When the same students went to a chiropractor, they showed good to excellent improvement. Their pain was either reduced or eliminated, and they were able to concentrate on their studies. The children were healthier and their grades improved.

A recent study released by  the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR),shows shows chiropractic care is helping students with learning challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD, and autism. See the report HERE.

The above research and other studies show that even when a student isn’t having back/neck pain, when the spine is aligned by a chiropractor, the student can  read and comprehend more; their attention span is increased, and their grades and self-esteem when it comes to learning improves.

There is no way to tell how many adjustments a child or teen will need before they experience a change. This is because each case is unique.

I’m not promising a cure for all learning challenges, but studies (and my younger patients) prove that when the spine is aligned, brain function improves.

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