Stand Up!

Good posture is important, and it involves more than standing up straight.

What is it?

Posture is our muscles and ligaments working together to keep bones aligned, and in balance when we walk, sit, stand, sleep, or exercise.

The right posture decreases damage to joints, lessens abnormal wear on the joints that can lead to degenerative arthritis, minimizes the likelihood of injury, prevents muscle fatigue and strain.

You need a combination of muscle flexibility, strength, and joint motion (spinal is the most important).

It’s important for you not only stand up straight; you need to be aware of your body’s alignment when you work, play, and exercise. When you do, your enjoyment and productivity naturally increase.


Can Bad Posture be Corrected?

Yes. It will take intentional effort to replace the habits that have resulted in long-standing poor posture. Chiropractic adjustments are the first step in the right direction. I can also show you the best positions for sitting, walking, and sleeping. There are also exercises you can do to improve the tone of the most vital muscles involved in correct positioning.

To learn more about this, ask me when you come in for your next appointment or at your first free consultation. The first step toward improved health is yours – take it. Call 507-775-2711 to reserve a time we can meet.


Dean Ferber, Doctor of Chiropractic

Byron Family Chiropractic, 501 NW Frontage Rd, Byron MN

5 miles from Rochester!

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